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Bahasa Malaysia and flowers
First, I do not eat flowers. In Bahasa, Malaysia, a ring flower does not mean a beautiful part of a plant wrapped in delicate petals. Traffic police warns that there are no "flowers" on the tires and says that they cannot see the tread pattern themselves because the tires are so worn. Oh, you have a problem with Malaysian traffic law.
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At the end of the fiscal year, employees expect “flowers” ​​from Malaysian leaders. The extra monthly salary is probably as beautiful as the flower in his eyes. The same idea applies to "flowers" given by banks when they are interested. Lucky employees receiving "flowers" from their boss and the bank can afford "hot flowers". He fires in the sky with a "hot" fuse and blooms with big fireworks.
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Like other cultures, the sex of Malaysian women is considered a flower-like flower. The girl is a "bud" that matures immediately in the garden. That is, she can be alone and elected as a wife. If a man chooses him as a "flower to decorate his hair", he will marry him. With beauty products that penetrate the Malaysian market, married women do not have to leave their form after having children. It can still be a "flower" of social gatherings, or all the most beautiful.

Large social events like Malaysian weddings need "different flowers". Various flowers are mixed with panda leaves, thick limes and perfumes crushed in baskets. This basket is placed in the wedding room and burned with incense. Imagine a perfume that fills the room. Newlyweds are sitting together on the Royal Podium and are lined with coconut picture replicas. The "Egg Flower" gift will be provided to guests at a Malaysian wedding. Traditionally, this is done by placing an artificial flower stem on the egg. A modern way to make "egg flowers" today is to attractively hang eggs on flower stems.
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The strangest flower is the national flower of Malaysia, the hibiscus. Here we are talking about edible flowers. The white hibiscus root of Malaysian food treats various diseases such as flu, eyes and skin. The Chinese dyed their hair and the Portuguese dyed their shoes. Given its usefulness and high public reputation, it is strange that "Hibiscus" means immoral woman in Bahasa, Malaysia!
If you like blue cheese, you need to understand that Malaysians prefer blue rice salads and desserts. Food coloring is made naturally from pea flowers. Not surprisingly, the mention of "pea flowers" in Bahasa, Malaysia will make your mouth water. In conclusion, carnations are not only "cloves", but "clove flowers" that are integral to many Malaysian kitchens.

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